Mureed wa Ikhwaan

The conduct of the Mureed with his Brothers has been detailed:

  1. He must keep respect for them in their presence and in their absence, not backbiting anyone.
  2. He should advise them when they need it with the intention of strengthening them. His advice to them must be in private and it must be with leniency and free of arrogance. The one advised must accept the advice, must be thankful, and must practice the advice.
  3. He must think only good about his brothers and not search out their bad manners.
  4. He must accept their apology if they apologize.
  5. He must make peace between them.
  6. He must support them when they are attacked.
  7. He must not ask to lead them, but to be brothers with them.
  8. He must show humbleness with them as much as possible. The Prophet said, "The master of a people is the one who serves them."

The good conduct of the murids really has no end. He must always be striving and making progress with his Shaykh, with his brothers, with his community, and with his Nation, because Allah is seeing him, the Prophet is seeing him, the Shaykh is seeing him, and the Masters who went before are seeing him. With constant improvement, day by day, he will reach with the Shaykh's guidance and support, the State of Perfection.