An Explanation of Islam & Sufism

Islam means submitting to God's Will and accepting that there is no God but one God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, peace abd blessings upon him, as are Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah and Adam, peace be upon them all ... read more

Creed of Ahlus Sunna

Imam Muhammad al-Ghazali (rahmat-Allahi 'alaih) wrote in Kimya-yi saadat: "It is fard for a Muslim to know and believe primarily the meaning of the phrase La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasul-Allah. This phrase is called kalimat at-tawhid. It is sufficient for every Muslim to believe without any doubt ... read more

Tariqat: Ahl-e-Tassawwuf

During the time of the Prophet, forty-five men of Makkah joined themselves to as many others of Madinah; took an oath of fidelity to the doctrines of the Prophet; and formed a fraternity - to establish community of property, and to perform daily certain religious practices by way of penitence ... read more

Importance of Taking a Shaykh

Allah's Word is for all time, for every era and for every century. It is an ongoing order, from which we understand the importance of keeping company with the Trustworthy. Allah orders all human beings to accompany them, because by keeping their company one will see how they live their lives, how they deal with people ... read more


After the rank of being a prophet, no rank is higher than the being a deputy for a prophet, to call men, by the path of Muhammad, to God. The word Shaykh, signifieth being a Khalifa; hence its degree is excellent, as, in respect of the Shaykhs of sufis, is in the hadith stated ... read more

Ba'yah - Taking Initiation

The seeker must follow a perfect Master able to guide him to the way of Allah, Almighty and Exalted, and to illuminate for him that way until he reaches the State of Annihilation. The seeker must give his oath and his promise to his guide, to learn from him how to leave his bad ... read more

Mureed wa Muraad

There are two categories of conduct of the murid with his shaikh: internal conduct and external conduct. The seeker must submit to the will of the shaikh and to obey him in all his orders and advice, because the shaikh has more experience and more knowledge in haqiqat, in tariqat and in shari'ah. As the ... read more

Mureed wa Ikhwaan

The good conduct of the murids really has no end. He must always be striving and making progress with his shaikh, with his brothers, with his community, and with his Nation, because Allah is seeing him, the Prophet (s) is seeing him, the shaikh is seeing him, and the Masters who went before are ... read more

Adab - On Model Behaviour

Imam Al-Qushayri's exposition on Adab from his encylopedic Risala more

Ikhlas - On Sincerity

Imam Al-Qushayri's exposition on Ikhlas from his encylopedic Risala ... read more

Al Hikam al-Ata'iyya - The Aphormisms of Ibn Ata'illah

The Muslim religious life not only consists of belief in orthodox tenets of faith and a determined effort to follow the Sacred Law, it also requires one to scale the heights of the Spiritual Path by attaining the states of heart demanded by the Islamic revelation. The Kitab al-Hikam of Shaykh Ibn `Ata'illah is a famous and respected explanation of the journey ... read more

Poison's of the Heart

You should know that all acts of disobedience are poison to the heart and cause its sickness and ruin. They result in its will running off course, against that of Allah, and so its sickness festers and increases ... read more